daddies little girl

daddies little  girl

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emerging Real Estate Trends 2011

Price Waterhouse Copper has just released its latest report on Real Estate investing trends. A must read for the Real Estate Investor. The PWC report confirms what many of us have feared. The Residential Real Estate market is dead in the water for at least the next 3 to 5  years. The commercial market on the other hand is an investors paradise, Multifamily buildings, downtown office buildings, downtown hotels, and shopping malls with big box stores and food chains are among the most desirable acquisitions in the coming year. Also several cities have been identified as th quickest to recover and the best to invest in. Topping the list were Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Seattle, San Jose, Houston, LA, San Diego Denver and Dallas.
 Investor should  start positioning themselves to capitalize on these market trend now, This market is still wide open and RE professionals will be needed on all levels of this coming market boom.

For more information contact Adam T Barrera
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Monday, October 25, 2010

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Who wants to Own a piece of Paradise!

Property Highlights:

The 355 Acre + property with Christopher Columbus History and 4.4 Miles/7.1 KM of Ocean Beach Front could become the ultimate mixture development, resort or even a private residence. At the current price a buyer could just let it sit for a few years and resell it when the market has recovered. Another option would be to invest in the infrastructure and sell individual lots. With the size of the property the new owner could do all the above!

·         Property: 355+ Acres (1.44 Million Square Meters) Healthy, undeveloped land bordered by miles of pristine ocean beaches and sparkling, gentle lagoon waters.

·         Ocean Beach Front: 4.4 Miles (7.1 Kilometers) Miles of spectacular natural beaches and natural harbor

·         More Waterfront: Additional lagoon, mangrove, and river frontage

·         Protected: Area is known as a “hurricane hole” since a 10,000-foot mountain range to the southeast acts as a natural hurricane shield. We have documents that confirm no Hurricane or Tropical Storm came close the property in 150 years!

·         Airports: Less than 90 Minutes from 2 International Airports (Puerto Plata and Santiago).

·         Utility Access: Property is about 1/2 Mile (800 Meters) from the main road with utilities.

·         Local Business Development: The friendly township of La Isabella welcomes all tourist development and activities.

·         Historic: Christopher Columbus discovered the peninsula on his second trip to the New World in 1493 and built the first settlement La Isabella across the bay (See CNN iReport for full story: )

·         Paradise Islands: The world famous Paradise Islands or Sand Islands are only a short boat ride away

·         Additional Revenue Potential: Every Eastern Caribbean Cruise goes by the property and could be attracted for stopover

·         Government Support for Tourism: The President of the DR is pushing tourism as a significant source of income / GDP and trains Dominican Students to receive a degree in tourism:

·         U.S. relations with the Dominican Republic are excellent: The U.S. has been an outspoken supporter of that country's democratic and economic development and supports the Fern├índez administration's efforts to improve Dominican competitiveness, to attract foreign private investment (source U.S. Department of State:

·         Must See to Believe: A serious buyer MUST visit the property to appreciate its potential. Every visitor has truly fallen in love with this unique property. Unfortunately our pictures can only give you a small indication of what to expect but don’t even come close to the impressive reality

Detailed information Links to share:

·         Google Earth Location: Link to the location

·         General Website:

·         Pictures:

·         Detailed Information:

For more information call me at 773 715 6523 Serious Buyers only Seller has no interest in any investment or development strategies. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Steps to stop a judicial sale (foreclosure) Cook County

1) Go to Chancery Advice desk 50 W Washington St. Rm 1303 Give them Case # off original Complaint.
2) ask how to apply for a fee waiver, which will have to be filed with the clerk rm 802
3) If your case is a foreclosure or Mechanics lien go to court rm 2802 all other cases go to 2403
4) Give the fee waiver to the clerk, form called application and affidavit to sue or demand as an indigent Person                    
     or a 298 petition.Wait for the clerk to return you the order singed by the judge.
5) Make copies in the library 29th floor or room 802 at least 3 copies each.
6) Go to room 802 and request a court date from the motion clerk, make sure date is before your scheduled 
     Sale date. Fill in the date and time on each copy of the notice
7) Have the clerk in room 802 stamp each copy he keeps the originals and returns the rest to you.
8) Deliver a copy to the Judge and other parties (leave Judges copy in basket outside court room  2802)
9) Fax , mail or hand deliver a copy to plaintiff Attorney
!0) Get all documents and paper work ready to present to the judge on assigned court date, do not miss or be
      late for this court date.